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workout belt
Learn More About Weight Lifting Belts

Rack up reps safely: Weight lifting belts support your back during strength training exercises.

Strength-training is an essential part of any workout regimen-helping to build strength, develop lean muscle and decrease body fat. So think of your weight lifting belt as a performance-enhancer as you deadlift and squat. Your belt braces your lower back and abdomen to prevent spinal flexing. Intra-abdominal pressure helps stabilize your entire midsection.

Most belts fit around the small of your back and buckle over your abdomen. Always ensure that your weight lifting belt is secured and tightened correctly before use.

workout belt

Neoprene and EVA materials provide durability and increased comfort. Some belts are designed with a contoured construction, which better adjusts to the natural curves of your back. Ultra-durable, heavy gauge steel buckles allow for easy adjustment.

Shop belts from trusted fitness brands, like Harbinger® and Body-Solid®. Stock up on everything you need for your workout with the full collection of strength-training equipment.


The workout belt stays where you want it – no riding up, shifting or bouncing uncomfortably. That’s important when you’re moving. So go ahead—do jumping jacks, climb a mountain, go biking, get moving!


Unlike one-off solutions like running armbands, the workout belt easily, comfortably and securely fits everything you need while exercising – from your large phone to your keys and other small items.

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