Womens Watch fits together with anything


This Womens Watch fits together with anything. Shiny white pearls in one row that wrapps two extra laps around the wrist. A perfect watch for the wedding!

Womens Watch
Womens Watch [1]
  • Free extra Watchstrap when you buy a Watch
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The extra Watchstrap is selected by Deewatch and sent together with the Watch.


Choose to have the watch in silver or rose gold and the watchstrap with one or two extra laps around the wrist. This is a watch with extra class and sophistication that lends itself particularly well to the finer events, such as weddings. Size: 35 mm Thickness: 6 mm Case color: Roségold / Silver Dial color: White Eggshell Movement: Japanese Quartz Movement

Womens Watch

Pure Black – Double Wrap

Pure Black is suitable both for the business meeting as well as the nightclub. One of Deewatch´s slimmer Womens’ Watches, signaling style awareness and sophistication.

Article no.: 01309

Pure Black is a stylish and sophisticated Women’s Watch that also signals a dissolute expressiveness and personality. Choose between silver and rose-gold. Black stones are bound together in two rows with a fine wire along two high-quality leather straps. This Women´s Watch is a Single Loop, which means that the Watchstrap is wrapped an extra lap around the wrist. It is also available with Double Loop , which is wrapped two extra laps and has one row of pearls .

Womens Watch.

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