The less you eat, the faster you get thin.

The less you eat, the faster you get thin. (less you eat, faster get thin.)

In this article, we will discuss the most common opinion about diets. Let’s see which of them is true.

So we decided not to talk about some specific diets, but about the fundamental factors of proper nutrition. This information will be useful both for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as for those who want to lose weight.

Less you eat,  faster you get thin.

1) Don’t eat after 18.00.

This axiom applies to those who go to bed at 9-10 pm. But such of people are very few. Most of us are work to long hours ore sitting at a computer or near the TV. Remember, in the evening and even at night you can eat, but not later than two hours before bedtime. So if you go at 2 am, you can easily have dinner at 23.00 – nothing wrong with that.

2) The less you eat, the faster  get thin.

All quite the opposite – you need to eat. Of course, it is not necessary to overeat. The best option is you have a slight feeling of hunger after a meal. Otherwise, you expect problems with the skin, intestinal and many other surprises.

Dropped weight always comes back. This happens in 90% of cases, and here’s why: During the diet the body has to find other ways of obtaining energy. Therefore if the body can’t get it with the food, the body system starts to burn fat.

But, if you don’t eat, after a while your system adjusts to make fat stores “for a rainy day.” Therefore, a strong stress for the body only lead to subsequent weight gain.

less you eat,  faster  get thin.

3) We need to drink as much liquid as possible. This statement is true only in part. Try every day to drink at least two liters of clean water (juice, tea, coffee and other liquids do not count). Drink at least a glass of water 30 minutes before eating. But to drink during a meal or immediately after it is not recommended, since water dilutes the gastric juice, and all the food eaten are not absorbed and deposited as fat.

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