Learn Advanced Surface Modeling In SolidWorks

Learn Advanced Surface Modeling In SolidWorks.

Dear SolidWorker,

Do you want to become a SOLIDWORKS Pro but have you still not found the fastest way to become one? Then keep reading, because this page could change your modeling career forever.

First, let me ask you a couple questions:

• Have you ever tried to draw a product in SOLIDWORKS but never finished simply because you did not know how to proceed?

• Have you ever been frustrated because you are unable to draw the shapes that you want in SOLIDWORKS?

• Have you ever had the ambition to create amazing products in SOLIDWORKS but felt lost because you did not have a  mentor to ask for help and guidance?
Uncover The Most Effective Way To Master SOLIDWORKS
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There are tons of  books, coaches and training programs on the market that can show you how to use every single feature in SOLIDWORKS.

This traditional method of instruction can show you all of the possible functions of SOLIDWORKS, but there is still one major problem, it is all based on a theoretical approach.

In order to make full use of the potential  you must understand the way of applying these features while actually modeling a product.

It’s Not About The Features, It’s About The Way Of Working

Over the past few years I have developed a unique method of learning to teach you in an entirely new way.

This method is not based on theory, but based on 15 years of SOLIDWORKS experience in the design and engineering industry.

In fact, thousands of SolidWorkers are using my method for only one thing: MASTERING SOLIDWORKS.

Instead of just offering boring, disconnected exercises, I have developed a method for you which is simple, straight forward and fun at the same time.

However, before I reveal my learning method, I would like to explain what this learning method has done for me and my career.
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Thanks to my  modeling skills, I have been a designer for many international companies. Over the last few years I have designed products for multiple International brands in many different sectors.

I have worked as a Yacht Designer for a Dutch yacht design studio where I participated in multi-faceted design development projects for the yachting industry.

I have also worked as an Automotive Designer where I designed multiple interior panels for the newest Renault Master and the Mercedes-Benz Vito Mixto.

I’m currently working as a Product Designer and freelance SOLIDWORKS teacher in the Netherlands.

During my career I have also finished in the top three of Multiple International SOLIDWORKS Car Modeling Contests.
Learn it In A Unique And Effective Way

Learn Advanced Surface Modeling In SolidWorks

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As a SOLIDWORKS teacher it has been a real challenge for me to figure out the most effective way to share my  experience with you.

I was not looking for a way to just show you some exercises in SOLIDWORKS, I was searching for a way to Make You An Absolute SOLIDWORKS Master and nothing less.

That’s why I’ve bundled all of my  experience into this tutorial and developed the ultimate step-by-step  modeling course to become a SOLIDWORKS Pro!
Can You Believe That YOU Can Model This Yacht?

No? Well, this will become reality for you! When you have finished this course you will be able to model the stunning yacht shown on this website all by yourself. However, of even more importance: you will develop a practical understanding of how to work with SOLIDWORKS.
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Learn Advanced Surface Modeling In SolidWorks.

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