DEEWATCH – Women’s Watches and Accessories

DEEWATCH – Women’s Watches and Accessories.
Women´s Watches with Single Loop:

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Deewatch Women’s Watches are available with two types of watchstraps, Single Loop and Double Loop. They give these Women´s Watches a unique jewelry character, as stylish as they are comfortable to wear. Single Loop below is wrapped an extra lap around the wrist and consists of two rows of pearls.

DEEWATCH – Women’s Watches and Accessories.

Double Loop is wrapped two extra laps around the wrist and consists of one row of pearls. The above-worn one is one of our best sellers, Pure White Double Loop. See more Women´s Watches with Double Loop below:

A Women’s Watch with extra value

Deewatch Women’s Watches feel good on your wrist and give you both a functional quality Watch as well as a fashionable accessory in one.  In addition, you can easily switch the watchstrap yourself and can thus quickly change the style of your Women’s Watch from Deewatch. If you want to enhance your expression, there are matching bracelets for all watches. Read more about this under Accessories. DEEWATCH – Women’s Watches and Accessories.

Women’s Watches with Unique Quality and Design

All Women’s Watches from Deewatch possess quality in every detail. The design was developed over a number of years and got its present unique appearance after a trip through Europe. During the trip the Deewatch designers got a taste for the exquisite fashion from Southern Europe. An idea was born to combine our Swedish minimalistic quality watches with the beautiful, sophisticated and romantic expressions from brands such as Prada, Gucci and other Haute Couture fashion houses. Please read more about the history of Deewatch Women’s Watches under the “about us”-section. The Swedish high standard clockworks combined with the carefully intertwined Watchstraps makes Deewatch Women´s Watches a unique creation that signals a sophisticated style consciousness.

Design and Quality

Deewatch Women’s Watches combine Scandinavian quality  and simplicity with an exclusive, romantic and bold design from southern Europe. The Deewatch design was born during a trip through southern Europe’s fashion metropolises. Along the way, we were inspired by the local clothing and jewelry fashion and realized that it’s warm, bold yet very stylish expressions fit perfectly together with our Deewatch quality watches.

Fashion for every occasion DEEWATCH – Women’s Watches and Accessories

We wanted to create useful fashion for every occasion, that always make women look their best. The result was a dainty, feminine and stylish watch, available in rosé-gold and silver, with a variety of interchangeable watchstraps to choose from. You can quickly change the watchstrap by yourself, making you stylish, confident and ready for anything, no matter what the day might bring.

DEEWATCH – Women’s Watches and Accessories

In addition, we have designed matching Deewatch bracelets for most of our watchstraps. They can be worn as they are, or be combined with watches or other jewelry to create new and exciting creations. When you combine a bracelet from Deewatch with any of our watches, you get an extra unique and elegant look.

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