Buckwheat diet for weight loss.

Buckwheat diet

Traditional buckwheat diet  you can lose up to 20 lb. excess weight.

Buckwheat diet –  for a woman.

Buckwheat – is a very useful, healthy a unique product. This  diet Tibetan monks used during  fasts cleansing and meditation. It is recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Another important fact in favor of the buckwheat diet – buckwheat natural, it is almost the only product that could not be GMO.


1. Classical buckwheat diet. That is, during the day you do not eat anything, except buckwheat, cooked on the water. Dietary rate – 1 cup of buckwheat, this volume should be eaten in small portions throughout the day. If not enough for you, do even the same batch. At the same time and the most effective you can drink any amount of green tea without sugar, a pure non-carbonated water, in the afternoon allowed a glass of juice.

2. The second option – a combination of buckwheat diet with kefir (for 1 cup buckwheat you can add half a liter of yogurt).

3. A combination of buckwheat with dried fruits. These two products complement each other and allow you to extend the diet. On the day you can eat the same 1-2 cups of buckwheat, and 150 grams. dried fruits.

5. Buckwheat diet with avocado –  extra flavor, vitamins, trace elements, and with virtually no adding calories. This buckwheat diet – buckwheat grupu best samples to half, mix 3 tablespoons of buckwheat with half an avocado (cut fruit from half to get the pulp) and eat at any time of the day as a main course, and only for dinner required. If very fresh, can be added directly into the dish of apple vinegar or lemon juice, but only slightly, because they stimulate the appetite. Drink water  before meals and after.

How to cook buckwheat.

Take a glass of buckwheat, fill it with boiling water and let the night stands. If this amount of food for the whole day not enough for you, then do the morning another portion. The important requirement of buckwheat diet –  no salt, sugar, oil.

Yogurt can be combined with buckwheat diet.


Buckwheat is a good source of protein, fiber and magnesium. Don’t forget that it also contains the amino acids, including lysine. In fact, it is rich in phytochemicals that act as anioxidants. They can help you to be fill up fast, suppress appetite and lose weight simultaneously. Actually, the list of nutrients, vitamins and minerals can be long, but it’s more important to note health benefits here:


  • Cardiovascular system
  • Blood sugar control and lowered risk of diabetes
  • Gallstones prevention
  • Health-promoting potential
  • Heart disease prevention
  • Heart failure prevention
  • Breast cancer protection
  • Postmenopausal breast cancer
  • Childhood asthma protection


How to prepare buckwheat porridge:

Take one glass of buckwheat
Add 2 glasses of boiling water, and leave it till morning. Buckwheat will soak up the water during the night.
In the morning, it is completely ready to be used.
This meal is eaten throughout the day time. You may make several glasses just as much as you need. Begin with one and you can add extra depending on your hunger.

The buckwheat weight loss program is challenging to stick to since you must consume the same meal for the entire period of diet. Sometimes you can feel that you are ready to stop this diet and start thinking about tastier foods. Don’t stop! Luckily, with this diet you can eat:

1-2 units of fruits per day, ideally apples.
Few dried fruits per day, together with porridge or individually.
This will definitely help you keep your diet longer.

Throughout the day consume 1 liter of kefir (1% -1.6% fat). Actually it is preferable to drink your kefir 30 minutes after your meal.
Keep yourself hydrated (drink 2 liters per day). Do not drink when you eat.
You may consume not more than a cup of coffee or tea per day. Even though it is suggested not to drink coffee or tea at all during this diet plan.
Please stay away from salt, sugar, spices and butter.
In case you’re extremely hungry you can eat 100-150 grams of yogurt throughout the day.
No alcohol
Do not eat after 6

Buckwheat diet with kefir is very effective, you can lose up to 10 kilos in one week and that is a really fantastic result. Mono diets are usually very cheap, simple and straightforward to stick to – only one type of meal for 10-14 days. Also, buckwheat and kefir are filled with minerals and vitamins.


It is advisable to consult with you doctor before you will stick to this diet because this diet doesn’t contain all the nutrition your body needs to function properly. Just be confident that you will help not harm your body.

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